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Making a Resource Pack Part 04 - Custom Animations

Learn how to make custom animations through the use of a resource pack.

Making a Resource Pack Part 03 - Custom Textures

Learn how to create and add your own custom textures through the use of a resource pack.

Making a Resource Pack Part 02 - Custom Audio

Learn how to add custom music and sound effects through the use of a resource pack.

Making a Resource Pack Part 01 - Getting Started

Making your own resource pack is not as hard as you might think.

Stop Slimes From Spawning in Superflat Worlds

Slimes can get a little annoying in superflat worlds. There's a simple way to get rid of them without setting your game mode to peaceful.

How to Change the Layers of a Superflat World

Add and customize each layer in a superflat world.

How to Prevent Screen Flickering In Optifine

For those of you with nvidia graphics, optifine sometimes encounters chunk flickering. The solution involves making a small change to your nvidia control panel.

Locate the Minecraft Sound Directory and Convert Audio Files

Learn how to access and convert Minecraft's sound files.

How to Install the Damage Indicators Mod

The damage indicators mod adds a section to the HUD that displays mob and player health.

How to Install the Better Grass and Leaves Mod

The Better Grass and Leaves mod fleshes out some of the natural environment.

How to Install Forge

Forge is an excellent platform for easily installing mods without modding the minecraft.jar file.

How to Install the Village Marker Mod

Village marker is a mod that allows players to see a visual representation of the bounding boxes of villages.

How to Update Tabbychat

Learn how to update the TabbyChat mod.

Change Your Profile Directory and Sync to the Cloud

Learn how to change the location of a launcher profile to anywhere on your computer.

How to Use Snapshot, Alpha, and Beta Versions

The new launcher offers players an easier way to play snapshot, alpha, and beta versions of Minecraft.

How to Use TabbyChat

Tabbychat adds a number of new features that make the chat system more intuitive

How to install and Use Resource Packs

If you would like to change the default look of Minecraft, you can do so through the use of a resource pack.

How to install TabbyChat

Learn how to install the TabbyChat mod for Minecraft.

How to Install Optifine and Reis Minimap

Installing optifine and rei's minimap together requires a few extra steps than usual.