Players Online


The Law of Beef Wellington
Rev 1.0

- Do not break or modify a block that you do not own unless permission is granted.
- Do not go into someone else's land unless given prior permission.
- Placing locked chests, doors, furnaces, etc. in order to block someone from something is considered griefing.
- Do not spam chat.
- If you encounter a griefer, report them to an admin as soon as possible.
- Do not build a vertical block tower going straight up into the sky (1x1, 2x2, 3x3, etc...).
- Do not create a wither in the overworld.
- Do not litter the world with random blocks or ugly structures. When harvesting tree trunks try not to leave floating leaf/tree blobs.
- Do not attack another player unless they have agreed to duel with you.

- You may only mine under areas you own, in the commons, or under the ocean.
- The Commons is a territory where all players have permission to build and mine. It is essentially owned by everyone.
- If you are caught mining in chunks you do not have permissions for you will be fined or banned.

- Property on Wellington isle is free to obtain, but only after speaking with an admin.
- There are areas on Wellington that are privately owned. If you come across something that isn't yours, don't change it.
- Predatory land claiming .

- Transit systems that will become public property must have admin approval before construction begins.
- If you or a group of players builds a public transit line and it is to become public property, you are granted the right to tax its use.

- Anyone caught using client-side mods in order to cheat or gain an unfair advantage over other players will be banned. This includes, but is not limited to X-ray, fly-mod, sun-mod, highlight-mod, etc...
- If you are unsure of a client-side mod, please ask an admin before using it.
- Some allowed mods are: OptiFine, Inventory Tweaks, Rei's Minimap, WMLL, and most mod loaders.

- Don't harass an admin for anything, unless there is a legitimate problem. Admins are not obligated, nor are they supposed to give players teleports, items, OP status, etc.
- Don't harass players by doing anything that is detrimental to another players experience. When you are on someone else's land you respect their wishes.
- Do not sexually or racially harass other players. Do not make racial or sexist remarks. We run a server and community that promotes equality amongst all races and genders.
- Continually following another player and other forms of nonverbal harassment grants the harassed player the right to kill you as many times as they please so long as you continue to harass them in any location except for your own town.
- If a symbol has any correlation to a racist meaning (or anything else that violates the "Do not Harass" rule), then it is not allowed.

- If something is clearly too profitable for the amount of time that you put into it, report it to an admin.
- If a plugin quits working, like LWC, and all the chests get unlocked, do not go on a looting spree... make sure an admin is aware of the problem!
- Do not tell someone to type /kill unless they ask you how to commit suicide.
- A nether portal which is impossible to exit and re-enter without falling into a trap or dying by non-player means is not allowed. It must be possible to teleport safely out at both sides. Failure to create a safe portal will result in a warning and destruction of the portal. To further clarify, there must be a safe platform beside the portal for re-entry.

- A redstone clock is a looping circuit that can give a repeating current indefinitely. These clocks cause a lot of stress on servers. You may use one periodically, but please do not leave them on permanently.
- In order to avoid lagging the server or disrupting spawn rates, do not create large groups of entities. If walking into an area with a group of entities causes noticeable lag they will be killed and their meat will be distributed to the community.
- Do not leave mob grinders on for extended durations or the amount of item drops will eventually cause the server to crash. If you have a mob grinder try to have some way of turning it off when you aren't actively using it.

- We don't tolerate people advertising other servers, just as those other servers probably wouldn't like us going in their server telling people to join ours.
- If you want to play on another server with your friends, please message them privately. Do not post the IP publicly in our server.

- Hey, everyone makes mistakes from time to time, and that's okay! However, repeatedly breaking rules either out of recklessness or on purpose will eventually lead to a ban.
- If you think there is something missing from our rules, let us know and we will look into it.

What happens if I break the Rules?:
(Course of action is subject to admin review and is subject to change on a case by case basis.)
- First offense: 50g fine.
- Second offense: 100g fine.
- Third offense: 150g fine and temporary ban.
- Fourth offense: permanent ban.