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February 15

Minecraft 1.8 Prerelease Info

February 15, 2014

Mojang is back with its latest snapshots of the Minecraft 1.8 Update. Snapshots allow players to test out new features of Minecraft before the official release of a new update. To play snapshots you can follow our guides for single player and servers.

Mojang began distributing its experimental Minecraft releases early last month with 14w02c. The first series of changes included new stone types, stackable doors, slime blocks, a mossy stone brick recipe, and a rework of the enchanting, repairing, and trading systems.

Snapshot 14w03b included some exciting new changes for adventure map makers. Most notable were the /clone and /fill command which will allow players to duplicate their creations and easily fill in large areas. It also brought about one of the more controversial changes, making iron and gold farms more difficult to use. By requiring a player kill to get an iron ingot or a gold nugget, it meant you could no longer automate the process of killing iron golems or zombie pigmen.

Snapshot 14w04b featured improved villager AI, allowed item frames to give off a redstone signal, and allowed buttons to be placed on the bottom of blocks. This snapshot also saw the reversal of the decision to require player kills for golems and zombie pigmen to drop loot.

Snapshot 14w05b adds better book copying mechanics, activator rails that can eject entities, and spectator mode.

Snapshot 14w06b included improved mob AI, a hotkey to show player outlines whilst spectating, and a bunch of additions to command blocks.

Snapshot 14w07a brought us a bunch of bug fixes and some more adventure map related stuff. Dinnerbone also promised a partial rewrite of the rendering and inventory systems.

Snapshot 14w08a is the most recent update, and is almost entirely comprised of bug fixes

The PC version of Minecraft recently topped 13 million units sold, which makes it one of the top five selling PC games of all time. Total sales of Minecraft across all platforms reached 33 million in October 2013. Sales should continue to climb as the PS4 and XBOX One gain market share.

The new enchanting, repairing, and trading mechanics:

The new blocks: