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May 11

Minecraft 1.5 Released

May 11, 2013

Minecraft 1.5 is called the "Redstone Update" because it greatly expands upon redstone mechanisms.

For a lot of players redstone is an ore that can do really cool things...if you can get over the learning curve.


Luckily for us this latest update adds a few redstone devices that have straightforward uses. Possibly the most important addition is the hopper , which moves items one space in any direction except up. Place a hopper and anything thrown into it will be collected. Place a hopper below or on the side of another hopper, and items tossed in the top will move from one hopper's inventory to the next. TIP: Hold shift to place a hopper next to another hopper or chest. Place a chest underneath and items will move from the top to the bottom. Have a minecart with a chest ride under a hopper and it will pick up an item.


Also new to Minecraft is the redstone block. The redstone block provides a constant source of power. More importantly, it can be moved by pistons, which allows for easier circuit creation.


The daylight sensor outputs a redstone signal when in direct exposure to the sun. This has a number of practical uses, particularly in agriculture. It can be used to automate the growth and collection of crops and livestock. It can also be used to make any lamp turn off during the day and on at night.

There are plenty more additions to 1.5. For a complete list of these changes see the changelog.