Players Online


1.7.4 Changelog

- One click broadcasting to
- Microphone can be recorded too.
- Chat integration in the game.
- Quality, Framerate, Bandwidth, Send Metadata, Mic Volume, System Volume and Compression
- Enable and User Filter
- New Mojang splash screen
- Logo is now red instead of red-orange, has 2 square corners, and the rounded corners are rounder. The text is black instead of orange, the font weight is lighter (bold instead of black), and the face appears to be a custom hybrid of Insignia and Code Pro.
- Mojang splash screen can no longer be changed in Resource Packs
- Minecraft Realms
- Servers now have an icon which is the face of the owner's skin

- New 'Notch' shader
- The Sharpness enchantment now affects the "attack damage" attribute.
- When dismounting entities players are no longer moved as far
- If all auto-completable options begin the same, tab will fill up the beginning - Example: /gamerule doM completes to /gamerule doMob
- Advanced OpenGL option in "Video Settings" was removed

- Chicken Jockey
- Consist of a Baby Zombie riding and controlling a Chicken
- Because the Zombie is riding a Chicken, it cannot take fall damage
- As it is a Baby Zombie it will not burn up if exposed to daylight
- Extremely rare - every Baby Zombie spawned has a very small chance of spawning as a Chicken Jockey
- Zombie Pigmen Chicken Jockeys can spawn in the Nether
- Sheep with the custom name "jeb_" change their color, fading between all 16 wool colors
- Commonly referred to as "Rainbow Sheep", "Disco Sheep", or "Jeb Sheep"
- Color changes are visually only; does not affect wool drops

Fixed 40 Bugs:
[MC-107] – Potion of night vision: total blackout
[MC-190] – Misaligned textures on south and east faces for non-full blocks
[MC-2488] – The Unicode font is illegible in fullscreen mode
[MC-5002] – Some texts can't be translated in a language file
[MC-11129] – Unicode font text shadow in fullscreen mode
[MC-12413] – Furnace GUI - "full" arrow texture always drawn on leftmost column
[MC-12964] – Server performance issue: Chunk coordinates use a bad hash function
[MC-14323] – Minimising other windows open, resizes Minecraft window
[MC-16259] – Enchantments not showing stats in tooltip.
[MC-19021] - Music discs cannot be renamed in Resource Packs
[MC-23132] – Click or right-click stuck on OS X
[MC-26102] – OS X Fullscreen is not supported
[MC-28414] - Enchanted compass in item frame throws ##GL ERROR##
[MC-29469] – Unable to take screenshot in GUI or active chat line
[MC-30300] – Minecraft Mac Command Key Glitch
[MC-30527] – Achievement "Adventuring Time" does not work
[MC-30537] – Flower duplication glitch
[MC-31006] – Adventuring Time — list of visited biomes resets on login
[MC-31388] – Right clicking a flower pot that has certain plants in it while holding another plant replaces the one in the flower pot with the one you're holding
[MC-31622] – Wrong render distance beyond 8 and more chunks settings.
[MC-32295] – Glitchy item borders with Mipmapping and Anisotropic Filtering activated
[MC-33035] – Loading text in Polish (and other languages with Unicode font) isn't showing properly
[MC-34573] – Font file of Unicode Page C2 (Korean) shows character '숼'(U+C23C) at the position of '쉴'(U+C274)
[MC-35617] – Cactus has incorrect inventory image
[MC-35643] – Items with enchantment effect cause blocks and potion effects indicator to not render
[MC-35658] – Water too transparent?
[MC-35797] – Background Rendering Issues When Picking Up Enchanted Items / Caption of containers white
[MC-35856] – Multiple Background Songs Playing At One Time / Automatic music overlap
[MC-35897] – Damaged armor, tools & weapons placed in certain inventory slots cause other slots to go black
[MC-36159] – Graphical glitch on beacon effects in inventory screen.
[MC-36329] – Rendering glitch when looking at river through stained glass
[MC-36383] – Translucent parts of stained glass not visible in 3rd person mode
[MC-36395] – Weird rendering of transparent blocks on the 0-axis
[MC-36482] – Upon exiting (shift click) minecart, the range and criteria is drastically off, up to 8 blocks away
[MC-36705] – Block held in 3rd person rendered incorrectly
[MC-36772] – Enchanted items have big enchant around whole item
[MC-37106] – All the textures are flipped/mirrored on north/east sides of blocks
[MC-40255] – Falling Invisible slime causes "blue screen"
[MC-41135] – Players become invisible+immune for PvP damage, after being killed and relogging instead of respawning
[MC-41165] – SetSlot packet can no longer set item under cursor
[MC-41508] – Hopper: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not a JSON Object: "

1.7.2 Changelog

New world generation!
- Double the amount of biomes, with new trees/flowers/blocks.
- New “Amplified” world option.
- Less ocean, more awesome.

New blocks!
- Two new types of wood.
- Stained glass! With both blocks and panes.
- Packed ice, red sand, podzol.
- Lots of new flowers, including double-tall versions of current plants.
- Portals can be bigger sizes!

- Added more type of fish.
- Redone the fishing mechanics. Can now catch junk and treasure too.
- Fishing rod enchantments!

- Put them in an item frame and hang them on your wall. They’re extra big!
- Lots of new colours for lots of blocks!
- Now with less lag!

Achievement and Statistics overhaul!
- Now both world (or server) specific.
- In multiplayer, it’s announced to everybody when you get an achievement.
- You can move your mouse over this in the chat to see what it was!
- Some new achievements and statistic types were added.
- Zoomable achievements screen!

Multiplayer enhancements!
- Servers can now put a 64×64 image called “server-icon.png” in their folder, that you will see on your server list.
- You can see who’s online before joining a server; move your mouse over the player count!
- Lots of hidden preparation for allowing name changes.

Resource pack changes!
- You can now have multiple selected.
- They can completely re-do your sounds, adding new ones or changing current ones.
- Servers can now recommend a resource pack for you to use.

Chat and command improvements!
- New commands to spawn mobs or blocks of any type.
- Command block minecart!
- Clickable links to achievements and items.
- Click on somebody’s name in the chat to message them!

Lots and lots of technical work!
- Completely rewrote how the network (multiplayer) works.
- Completely rewrote the sound manager.
- New graphics options.
- Basic shader support testing.

Many bugs fixed, including:
[MC-291] – Screenshots are treated as links in the console.
[MC-673] – Sky/lighting doesn’t get darker during a thunderstorm
[MC-715] – V-Sync in Window mode, settings not activated between sessions.
[MC-784] – Letters in Arabic Language not connected
[MC-881] – Boat inflicts fall damage if it runs aground in some fashion (Slabs, Mobs, Soul Sand)
[MC-944] – Armour with Protection on it seems to reduce against hunger damage
[MC-1018] – Black Lighting under overhangs
[MC-1105] – Villagers act like it is Raining when they are in the Desert, and it Rains elsewhere.
[MC-1379] – Transparent texture makes transparent texture behind invisible
[MC-2638] – Old AI mobs and Wolves don’t turn back to passive in Creative
[MC-2915] – Attempting to tp to an invalid coordinate returns “commands.generic.double.invalid”
[MC-3305] – Cyrillic font not displaying on signs and in chat (Russian language)
[MC-3871] – Cauldron water does not put out fire / damage blaze
[MC-3973] – Silk Touch, pre-lit Redstone Lamps
[MC-4150] – Baby Zombies do not drop any loot / xp
[MC-4482] – Saplings placed on Farmland are not affected by Bonemeal
[MC-4732] – Tools and weapons lose durability without doing damage
[MC-4921] – Sounds (eg. Mobs / Portals / Water) Don’t Immediately Fade
[MC-4973] – Zombie Pigman from Nether Portal still spawns even if doMobSpawning is false
[MC-5238] – 10 MB server texture pack limit too small
[MC-5305] – Arrows from a flame bow aren’t extinguished from rain
[MC-5550] – Night Time Doesn’t Immediately Allow Sleep
[MC-6820] – The generation of terrain surface layer produces local straight glitches (fix included)
[MC-7449] – Silverfish infected Stone Brick varients appears as normal stone brick.
[MC-8331] – Command block text disappears if too long
[MC-9271] – Opening a singleplayer world is counted as a multiplayer join in the statistics
[MC-9547] – Incorrect usage string for `/scoreboard teams empty`
[MC-9779] – Old versions of output-server.log and lock files remain on harddisk
[MC-10077] – Ajasent Obsidian Blocks prevent Nether portal appearing
[MC-10257] – when a pig gets struck by lightning it spawns without a sword
[MC-10984] – GS4 query listener fails to send player list when len(players) > 127
[MC-11027] – Axes accelarate the speed at which Slabs are broken
[MC-11280] – Sometimes Water flows out of newly generated Village Farms
[MC-11518] – RCON and Scoreboard Command Output Formatting
[MC-12450] – Missing usage string commands.scoreboard.players.list.usage
[MC-12452] – Scoreboard team join command fails on invalid team name
[MC-12454] – Scoreboard option seeFriendlyInvisibles not listed in usage
[MC-12541] – the letters for the ‘off’ setting on smooth lighting aren’t capitalised
[MC-12731] – Minecraft crashes if you click edit or delete on a LAN game
[MC-12769] – when typing /help with a number higher than 4, it produces the wrong message
[MC-12984] – getting a locked chest pushed into your head crashes the game
[MC-13565] – Fireworks sometimes don’t stack when they should
[MC-13661] – When re-sizing window before game loads internal view doesn’t resize
[MC-14521] – Boats cannot be steered by using the “left” and “right” keys
[MC-14865] – Carpets Are Not Flammable
[MC-15547] – Structures (witch huts, nether fortresses etc.) don’t get saved with the world file
[MC-15564] – Start up failure: “Cannot determine close requested state of uncreated window”
[MC-15688] – Axe breaks all slabs in adventure mode. No drops for stone.
[MC-16324] – Massive Amount of “[SEVERE] Reached end of stream” messages
[MC-16435] – Boats Still Break on Lily’s
[MC-16849] – Crash near pyramid
[MC-16910] – Packet250CustomPayload(dk)
[MC-17090] – Invalid teamcolors throw an NPE in the console
[MC-17831] – Crash selecting resource pack [13w24b]
[MC-18569] – Server resourcepacks not implemented yet
[MC-18672] – Textures disappearing after setting player walkSpeed to 0
[MC-19483] – sounds playing after leaving world
[MC-19604] – Cannot /playsound records
[MC-21870] – Screen goes blank when modifying walk speed
[MC-22927] – Animals running forever after being hit
[MC-26151] – Minecraft has advice on an error report that should be deleted.
[MC-26608] – /spreadplayers confirmation text is wrong
[MC-26660] – Constant minecart sound
[MC-27284] – /scoreboard teams option color: Tab doesnt list all options.
[MC-27904] – The Hindi, Malay and Norsk (Bokmål) language appear 2 times
[MC-28400] – Breeding animals gives xp even if doMobLoot gamerule is false
[MC-28405] – The saddle equip sound effect does not play when equipping a pig with a saddle.
[MC-28478] – Successful hit sound effect does not match the sound in the assets sound folder
[MC-28625] – The horse armor equip sound does not play when replacing others
[MC-28768] – Horse Breeding Doesn’t Produce Markings Correctly on Foal
[MC-29088] – Shearing sound does not play when shearing a mooshroom
[MC-29279] – Bug: the command block can be damaged by the explosion of Blue Wither Skulls
[MC-29321] – Jukeboxes play at the sound volume for effects until you change the music volume
[MC-29361] – Oceans are too big
[MC-29424] – Players appear offset for other clients after going through nether portals
[MC-31031] – Spawn eggs can be used on top of water, but not lava
[MC-31065] – Villages not generating? (snapshot 13w37b)
[MC-32250] – Typo on “Unable to Load Worlds” screen
[MC-32534] – piston extention givies
[MC-32679] – Spawned in enderportals are not nameable

1.6.2 Changelog

– Powered pistons drop as items in creative.
– Player's and Horses head while riding having strange behaviour when looking at the skin in the inventory.
– Entities cooldown timer is reset when the entity touches a nether portal.
– When putting a sign in front of water it keeps running.
– Trapped Chest looks like Regular Chest in inventory / item frame.
– Attacking wild Wolves with any kind of projectiles (Arrows, Snowballs, Potions) will cause any nearby tamed Wolves to attack their owner.
– Reloading a world while player is in moving Minecart or riding a horse is glitchy in F5 mode.
– Horses can be pushed into blocks and then take suffocation damage.
– Ctrl+Click = Right Click on Mac not working.
– Leads attached to mobs drop as items when right clicked in creative.
– Numlock Enter not recognized as Return.
– Direct Connect does not remember port.
– Rope part of the leash turns invisible in some angles.
– Hay blocks can not be crafted back into wheat.
– Gliding crosshair when on a saddled horse.
– "Nether-Fortress-Only" Mobs no longer spawning in previously generated Fortresses.
– Unarmored horses appear as wearing diamond armor.
– Baby Zombies are far too fast.
– Cannot change Horse Armor like Player Armor by clicking with another armor piece on slot.
– Sprint does not happen straight away.
– Distorted fonts when using a converted texturepack on startup.
– Breaking sound and particles appear when placing water/lava into another source block.
– The "clear" command is causing a player in creative mode to be unable to move items in their inventory.
– /clear command causes problems with animations of held items.
– Health boost resets additional health every 30 seconds.
– Signs placed on Fences don't have Text.
– Trying to jump on an unsaddled Horse, then equipping it with a saddle makes the Horse jump automatically.
– 1.5.2 clients show server 1.6.1 as 1.3 in Multiplayer screen.
– the /playsound command does not work with @a when >1 player passes the query.
– Minecraft 1.6.1 demo has crashed.
– Missing library starting the game.
– Demo crashes when unable to find 'name' of a bound mousebutton.
– resourcepack crashes.
– nested colors in json chat don't work.
– Cannot pick block lead in creative.

1.6.1 Changelog

- Resource pack system.
- Replaces the texture pack system.
- A conversion tool which converts texture packs into resource packs was released by Dinnerbone.
- Textures.
- Sounds.
- Fonts (partially).
- End credit.
- End Poem.
- Splash text.
- New "missing texture" texture.
- Attribute system.
- Attributes can be additive, subtractive and multiplicative using a set value.
- Some items have default modifiers in place of previously hard-coded attributes.
- Examples of possible changes players could make: A bow that slows the holder, a helm that buffs health, etc.
- These properties can now be changed as easily as any other NBT attribute.
- Entity speed, base health, base attack.
- Other properties like weapon damage/bow draw speed/sword swing speed are yet to follow.
- Splash screens.
- "What's up Doc?"

Improvements & changes:
- Support for Java 5 and PowerPC users will be dropped.
- If you have a PowerPC based computer and/or Java 5 installed, a warning will be shown at the main menu.
- Lots of messages should be translated now that were not previously.
- Messages are now better modularized.
- Server messages can be sent by their code-defined name, allowing the client to utilize the correct translation according to their language settings.
- Color can be specifically designated, preventing leakage into further messages.
- Increases performance and stability.
- Allows LWJGL to be updated, fixing many launcher bugs.
- Supports multiple versions/installs.
- Self updatable.
- New password storing system.
- More user friendly.
- A major step towards the Plugin API.
- New authentication system - "Yggdrasil", which is more secure and has more features.

- Gives player 4 (Empty Heart.svgEmpty Heart.svg) base health; extra health vanishes when the effect ends.
- Can be acquired ingame by the command /effect 21.
- Absorption effect.
- Gives player 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) "absorption" health that cannot be replenished by natural regeneration or other effects, but would return every 30 seconds, regardless of the state of the rest of the health bar; extra health vanishes when the effect ends.
- Can be acquired ingame by the command /effect 22 or by eating either tier of Golden Apple.
- Saturation effect.
- Causes food meter to be replenished by 1 (Half Hunger.svg) per tick.
- Can be acquired ingame by the command /effect 23.
- /spreadplayers.
- Spreads certain players from an origin point.
- Has a Max Spread and Minimum Distance from player to player.
- Can be used with the teams scoreboard functionality to spread team members to the same location.
- /playsound.
- Can use to play sound to player.
- Can change the pitch and/or volume.
- Can use sound from resource pack.
- Added /gamerule arguments.
- naturalRegeneration.
- Toggles natural health regeneration.
- doDaylightCycle.
- Toggles the day-night cycle (the sun stops moving and stays where it is).

Improvements & changes:
- When riding a mob, its health is on the Heads-up display.
- When riding on an entity, dismounting has changed from right-clicking the entity to using the Sneak key (? Left Shift by default).
- Boat controls have been changed from the A, S, and D keys to mouse control.
- Respiration enchantment.
- Now also helps seeing underwater.
- Changed the idea of mob difficulty.
- Regional difficulty: The longer you spend in one area, the harder it gets.
- Scales with difficulty - items, enchants or AI improve with difficulty.
- Added extra tooltip info in the search tab for the creative inventory, which shows what category a block/item is in.
- Tooltips for swords, pickaxes, shovels, axes, and potions show how much damage the sword/tool does and what effect a potion will give.
- Balanced to improve gameplay.
- Instant Health nerfed by 33% (heals only 4 health points/2 hearts at level I).
- Regeneration nerfed by 50% (takes 50 ticks/2.5 seconds to restore 1 health point/.5 heart at level I).
- Invisibility potions now work better with teams.
- Natural health regeneration now costs hunger points/saturation points.
- It is no longer possible to break blocks with swords in Creative mode.

Blocks and Items:
- Exist in diamond, iron and gold variants.
- Cannot be crafted. Can only be found in most types of generated chests, including in dungeons, Nether Fortresses, Desert Temples, and Jungle Temples.
- Horse Spawn Egg.
- Works like any other spawn egg.
- Just like naturally spawned Horses, these Horses will have one of seven base colours and one of five variations of markings.
- Sometimes a Donkey will be spawned instead.
- Can be placed in all orientations.
- Crafted with wheat in a 3x3 arrangement.
- Can be used to bind mobs to fences or lead them around.
- Right click mob first, then right-click fence or right-click the mob again to get the leash back.
- Crafted with 4 string and 1 slimeball, yields 2 leads.
- Crafted with 2 colors of wool in a horizontal line, yields 3 carpets.
- Can be placed on any block (even translucent ones).
- Found in dungeon chests.
- Name it in an anvil, then right click a mob to name it.
- Obtained by smelting a clay block in a furnace.
- Comes in 16 colors, one for each dye.
- Similar to wool.
- Made by surrounding any dye with hardened clay.
- Crafted with 3x3 coal.
- Crafted only with coal, not charcoal.
- Can be used as furnace fuel and smelts 80 items, more than 9 coal (72 smelted items).

Improvements & changes:
- Retextured, with more brown shading to differentiate from coal.
- Lapis Lazuli Block.
- Retextured subtly, it now has a border around it.
- You can now put a saddle on a horse.
- Redstone Comparator.
- Now give out a signal for Cauldrons and End Portal frames depending on their state.
- Cauldrons give from zero signal (empty) to three signal strength (full) depending on water inside.
- End Portal frame varies between zero and fifteen signal strength, depending on if an Eye of Ender is present.
- Golden apples now require gold ingots instead of gold nuggets to craft.
- Golden apples now give Regeneration II for 10 seconds and both tiers give Absorption for 1 min 30 seconds.
- Glistering melons now require 8 gold nuggets.
- Spawn eggs work on water.

- Horses.
- must be tamed before use.
- Ridable by right-clicking them with a saddle - Hold the jump key to fill up their jump bar, release it to jump accordingly, steer them by using the usual movement keys - maximum movement speed and jump height differ between horses.
- Have various amounts of maximum health - Regenerates naturally, but wheat can be used to speed it up.
- When killed they drop leather, as well as any equipment that they were wearing.
- Can be bred using wheat - Baby horses can be grown using apples, golden apples and wheat.
- Creation assisted by DrZhark.
- Donkeys.
- Like horses, but smaller and grey, and can carry chests on their saddles that can be opened if sneaking and then right-clicking the donkey or mule. The chest has 15 inventory slots.
- Mules.
- Similar to donkeys, just brown and taller than a normal donkey.
- Obtained by breeding a horse and a donkey.
- Can wear chests on their saddles, just like donkeys.
- Not breedable with horses, donkeys, or other mules.
- Skeleton and Zombie Horses.
- Introduced as the code of the normal Horse, although require third-party modifications to be used in the game. There is no current use at this time.

Improvements & changes:
- All mobs named "Dinnerbone" or "Grumm" are now flipped upside down.
- Zombies now have a small chance to spawn additional zombies when damaged or not being looked at.
- Able to lock onto the player from 40 blocks away (formerly 16 blocks).
- Mobbing zombies can now move when further than 32 blocks from player.
- Villagers now have sounds.
- Spiders now have a chance to spawn with potion effects.

World Generation:
- Deserts no longer contain water lakes.
- Added chest generation in Nether Fortresses.

Bug Fixes:
- Green arrow bug on maps in frames.
- Ping packet doesn't include host information.
- 'doFiretick' makes fire to not extinguish. Lighting makes fire all over the place!
- Keyboard Unresponsive on OS X.
- Teleporting to Large Numbers Creates a Broken Error.
- Command block choosing wrong people / Selecting players cross-dimensional.
- Mobs not realizing they killed their attacker and trying to attack empty space.
- Running at a high resolution causes large portions of the screen to be UNCLICKABLE.
- Minecarts with Furnace consume coal in creative mode.
- Death messages in english regardless of the selected language (Multiplayer).
- Beacon Block Incorrect Texture When Surrounded by Blocks.
- Mouse "Back" and "Forward" open menu in windowed mode.
- Server Command "/whitelist list" doesn't display the full list of players.
- Mobs spawn and then quickly despawn in peaceful. Looks like the "ender-porting-out-of-water" effect.
- Dogs wont stop snarling after punched by someone else.
- Damaged Anvils do not show damage in inventory or item frame.
- Console Command and Set Console for Block in Command Block merges when in windowed mode.
- Zombie villagers are able to despawn during curing process.
- You can't get "The End?" achievement.
- Sleeping while in a Minecart produces a graphical glitch.
- Persistence Required Tag Freezes Mobs.
- Jack-o-lantern name is mispunctuated.
- Squids taking damage while in water.
- Hard to spawn Squids.
- Regular skeleton's melee damage is unaffected by the sword type.
- Unable to play game unless LWJGL is manually replaced.
- Infinite Looting Sword bug.
- Boats/Minecarts and Ender Pearls don't mix.
- Placing Water Source into some blocks yields no drops.
- 3D Anaglyph Biome Colour Corruption.
- After the last use of a bow you get a glitch bow that when dropped and picked up again duplicates.
- Death counter does not update.
- Lava decay fails to schedule block update.
- Skeletons attacking like zombies when hit in creative.
- Ctrl + Alt + Esc crashes minecraft.
- Brewing stand feet's sides are transparent when placed against a wall.
- Silverfish breaking blocks when "mobGriefing" is set to false.
- Switching from windowed to fullscreen and back moves the point of view.
- Water/Lava from Bucket replacing Ladder.
- Splash potions particles are incorrect.
- /scoreboard syntax missing (/help scoreboard).
- Argument "team" do not work with "!" for other players.
- Cactus texture error when near a wall.
- In multiplayer screen holding shift and pressing "down" without selecting any server crashes the game.
- Cant use scroll wheel in crash reports.
- Single player: " Stream Closed" when quitting game.
- Item count / numbers randomly flickering in item bar, inventory, workbench.
- Eye of Ender does not always lead to the nearest Stronghold.
- Scoreboard problem with "seeFriendlyInvisibles."
- Memory leak switching texture packs.
- 1.5 HD Texture pack stitched images greater than 2048 resolution results in massive performance drops.
- Certain death message will print "null" as the player/mob name that caused the death.
- Command Blocks breaking easily in survival.
- Can get permanently stuck in a minecart in a nether portal.
- Minecart collision boxes are briefly positioned wrong.
- Minecarts off track float.
- Sitting in minecart is higher than it should be.
- Minecart hit box too large.
- New Client and Server Outputs Increase Loading Time.
- Zombies with increased health don't deal damage.
- Pick block from inventory in creative doesn't preserve size of stacks.
- Minecraft can't handle 4096x4096 or larger cloud textures.
- Stacked Entity Spawner creating mass duplicate ghost entities.
- Cannot use resolution clock and compass textures with resolutions higher than 16x16.
- Receiving very high amount of damage at once creates ghost mode in multiplayer.
- Achievement "We Need to Go Deeper" rewarded for going through an End Portal.
- Entities other than the player can't leave the end.
- When under resistance effects above 5, /kill command does not work.
- lang files for en_US is gramaticly incorrect at death.fell.finish.item.
- No error report when minecraft crashes.
- Freezes When Moving.
- Fire Animation Jumps and skips frames.
- Sticky and unregistering keys during normal Minecraft play only, AMD processor driver conflict?
- Text misplaced on Direct connect, Rename World screen.
- Shift clicking on the destroy item button in multiplayer doesn't work.
- Crash when language file of currently selected language is missing.
- If a team name has "-" in it, the argument for seeing if anyone is in the team doesn't work.
- Instant health effect set to a 29, 61, 93...253 value kills any player without any death message.

1.6 Changelog

- Added Horses.
- Added Donkeys, Mules.
- Added Horse Armor.
- Added Leads.
- Added Carpets.
- Added Hardened Clay, Stained Clay.
- Added Block of Coal.
- Added Name Tags (item).
- Added Hay Bales.
- Texture packs are now “resource packs” that also can hold sound etc.
- Food meter is now drained when healed by full food meter.
- Removed Herobrine.
- Added Grum.

1.5.2 Changelog

Bug fixes:
- Jukebox audio volume doesn't decrease.
- SMP: Anvils charge level for nothing when using languages other than English.
- Tamed wolves and cats despawn.
- Endermen are rendered hostile if they take environmental damage
- Pick-Block and Furnaces.
- Achievement "Hot Topic" Uses Faceless Furnace Icon.
- Arrows visually float when shot into a block.
– Using the anvil for free.
- FPS issues when using high-resolution textures.
- Minecraft Realms-related fixes.

1.5.1 Changelog

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a bunch of bugs.
- Improved performance.
- Notable: Crash on Mac OS X on “OpenGL Function Not Supported.”
- Notable: Unable to place paintings.

1.5 Changelog

Engine optimizations:
- Support for more realistic lighting.
- Lighting interacts correctly with slabs and stairs.

Texture Packs:
- Textures use one PNG file per block or item, which are stitched together at runtime, texture sizes don't need to be consistent.
- Textures can be animated.
- Animation frames are underneath each other in the same image.
- Use a separate text file to specify frame order and duration.
- Special rules apply for water, lava, compass, and clock.
- Vanilla textures will be used if texture files are missing.
- Support for HD texture packs.
- Support for HD fonts.

Scoreboard system:
- /testfor command tests for whether specified player is online (testfor [player]), or at specified coordinate and/or in radius (testfor @p[x,y,z], testfor @p[r=radius] or testfor @p[x,y,z,r=radius]).
- Signal output to any Redstone Comparators surrounding the command block like testing content of a chest.
- /effect command.
- Usage: /effect player effect [seconds] [amplifier].
- To remove effects: /effect player effect 0.

- Double click items to fill the stack up as much as possible.
- Drag item stacks around to divide them up over the dragged-over slots.
- Drag item stacks around with the right mouse button to place one of that stack in each dragged-over slot, if that slot is not occupied already.
- Shift+ double click items in a crafting area to place all items in the inventory.
- Shift+ double click an item stack to move all other item stacks of that kind to that part of the inventory.
- Pressing Q while the mouse is over an item in the inventory or a container to drop it.
- Held armor can be equipped by right-clicking.
- Detailed Death Messages.

- Improved renaming of Spawn Eggs.
- Mobs spawned from renamed eggs have the name of the egg and the names will appear in the death message.
- Mobs spawned from named Spawn Eggs display their name over their head when viewed within a 6 block radius.
- Improved renaming of Containers.
- Renamed Chests, Trapped Chests, Dispensers, Furnaces, Brewing Stands, and Enchantment Tables display the new name in their GUI.
- Renamed Command Blocks use their name in the chat.
- Updated Language files.

Options & Title Screen:
- Moved Texture Packs button to options menu, instead of title screen.
- New chat settings in Multiplayer Settings.
- Scale, Focused Height, Unfocused Height and Width is configurable.
- Smooth Lighting can be changed to Minimum, Maximum & Off.
- Minimum uses the old Smooth Lighting, and Maximum fixes a bug with stairs.

Creative Mode:
- All potions are categorized.
- In Creative mode, you can hit mobs or players from five blocks away.

Blocks & Items:
- Activator rail.
- Used to trigger Minecart with TNT.
- Used to stop item passing on Minecart with Hopper.
- Block of redstone.
- Stores 9 Redstone.
- Emits constant redstone signal.
- Works as pushable redstone power source.
- Daylight Sensor.
- Outputs a signal with a strength corresponding to the intensity of the sun.
- Only works with the sun's light (not man made light such as torches).
- Rain affects the sensor's output.
- Dropper.
- Places items in containers in front of them, if there is no container it will dispense the item without using it.
- A dispenser 'shoots' items at you, while a dropper 'throws' items at you.
- Can face all 6 directions, with a different texture when facing up or down.
- Need redstone signal to drop items.
- Hopper.
- Places and takes out items in Hoppers, Chests, Furnaces, Minecart with Chests, Minecart with Hoppers, Dispensers, Droppers, and Brewing Stands.
- Allows for the automation of many processes collecting drops.
- Powering the Hopper stops it from [taking] in items and releasing them.
- Redstone signal emitted when a Redstone Comparator is placed against it directly - signal length depends on its fullness.
- 1 item will give a signal strength of 1, a third of a stack (21 for items which stack to 64) gives a signal strength of 2.
- Minecart with hopper.
- Can only be emptied by passing over a hopper.
- Can pick up items from containers when it passes over.
- Minecart with entity spawner
- Uses the same NBT format as a normal Spawner.
- TNT minecart.
- Triggered by Activator Rails.
- Explodes even more violently the faster it goes.
- Doesn't destroy rails and supporting blocks.
- Still blows up redstone materials.
- Redstone comparator.
- It is the same as a repeater, but with 2 inputs.
- If input A is stronger or equal to input B, it either repeats the signal or outputs the difference between A and B, so this can be used as an easier way make redstone contraptions like Piston Doors.
- Output is toggleable by right clicking.
- If input A is weaker than input B, then there is no output.
- All containers output a redstone signal when a Redstone Comparator is placed against it directly. The strength of it depends on how full the container is and what disc number is used in a Jukebox.
- This works with Trapped Chests as well, meaning it can provide two redstone signals with different causes at the same time.
- Trapped chest.
- Gives out a signal depending on the amount of players looking inside.
- Large Trapped Chests can be staggered with Large Chests to allow more compact storage.
- Transmit signal downward through one block. This does not apply horizontally.
- Texture is slightly different than a normal chest, with a red stain around the latch.
- Weighted Pressure Plate. - Used to detect item drops.
- Gold(light) version reaches full strength at 60 items.
- Iron(heavy) version reaches full strength at 600 items.
- Nether Brick.
- Obtained by smelting Netherrack.
- Used to make Netherbrick.
- Nether Quartz.
- Picked up when you break or smelt Nether Quartz Ore.
- Is a crafting ingredient for Daylight Sensors and Redstone Comparators.
- Can be crafted into decorative blocks.
- Nether Quartz Ore.
- Drops 1 Nether Quartz item when mined.
- Can be smelted in a Furnace to obtain Nether Quartz.
- Can be legitimately obtained by Silk Touch enchantment.
- Block of Quartz.
- The crafting recipe is 4 Nether Quartzes in a square.
- Quartz Slab.
- Quartz Stairs.
- Chiseled Quartz Block.
- The crafting recipe is 2 Quartz Slabs.
- Pillar Quartz Block.
- The crafting recipe is 2 vertical Block of Quartz.
- Can be placed sideways, using the side of the block to place similar to sideways Wood.

Multiple snow heights:
- Fully implemented - previously, a world editor could be used for different heights of snow.
- Drops one snowball for every layer of snow.
- Crafting recipe is 3 snow blocks in a row to create 6 snow layers.

- Increased range.

Bone Meal:
- Now picks a random stage of growth each time as opposed to automatically pushing them to the final growth stage.
- Gives off green particles when used.

Brewing Stand:
- Redstone signal emitted when a Redstone Comparator is placed against it directly - signal length depends on its fullness.

- Redstone signal emitted when a Redstone Comparator is placed against it directly - signal length depends on its fullness.

Detector Rail:
- Redstone signal emitted when a Redstone Comparator is placed against it directly - signal length depends on the fullness of the container on the rail. - Added activated detector rail texture.

- Now equip armor to players that are up to 1 block away.
- Can place and activate TNT.
- Now use Bone Meal on a crop or sapling in front of them.
- Can create fire in front of them with Flint and Steel, which consumes durability.
- They can now face all 6 directions, and use a different texture when facing up or down.
- Redstone signal emitted when a Redstone Comparator is placed against it directly - signal length depends on its fullness.

- Redstone signal emitted when a Redstone Comparator is placed against it directly - signal length depends on the number of the disc used.

- Updated texture.

Locked Chest:
- Removed texture.
- Now uses the "Missing Texture" texture

Nether Brick:
- The crafting recipe is now 4 Nether Brick (item).

- Improved lighting.

- Stairs no longer prevent sprinting.

Stone Double Slab:
- Double stone slabs now have a block ID of 43:8.
- This allows double stone slabs to be given through commands.

- Creating an infinite water source no longer needs a block underneath, but has to have a water source block.

- Nether Quartz Ore.

Abandoned Mineshaft:
- Now spawn items in Minecart with Chests, instead of Chests.

- Now shoot from 16 blocks away, instead of 10.
- They now shoot faster when their target is closer.

- Slime spawn rates in swamps now depend on the current moon phase.

- They now alert other Zombies within a radius when they see a player.
- They get more powerful as they lose health.
- When on fire, they can now set players on fire.
- Now become aggressive and come towards you when shot from farther away.

All Mobs:
- Mobs no longer walk over rails unless they are pursuing the player.
- Mobs can now be spawned riding other mobs.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed 105 bug.

1.4.7 Changelog

Bug fixes:
- Fixed crash related to arrows fired from dispensers.
- Fixed a multiplayer crash when using fireworks without a fireworks star.
- Fixed long timeout when checking SRV records.

1.4.7 Changelog

New blocks & items:
- Firework Rocket.
- Firework Star used to create Firework Rockets.
- Enchanted Books for enchanting items.
- Nether Brick Slabs.
- New chest textures in Christmas.

- Improved some enchantments.
- Unbreaking enchantment for all items with durability. Some unregular tools (e.g. Shears, Fishing rods) requires Enchanted Books.
- Silk Touch can now be applied to shears and swords on the anvil using Enchanted Books. Cobweb can be harvested this way.
- Added Thorns enchantment. When a mob hits the player, it gets damage. It can be cast on armor.
- Thorns damage is customizable.
- Fire Protection now extinguishes players more quickly.
- Blast Protection now reduces explosion recoil.
- You are now required to use the proper tool on a block, even if the tool you are using has efficiency.

Improved drops:
- 3D rendering for dropped items.
- Only renders with Fancy graphics.
- When pressing CTRL+Q, the player drops a full stack instead of one item.
- Items now show their enchantments when dropped on the ground and in items frames, only in fancy graphics mode.

Improved the block placement on chests, crafting tables, furnaces, beacons, anvils, enchantment tables, brewing stands, etc:
- When sneaking, the player can place blocks and items on it.

New notice features:
- Added tool highlight when switching items in the hotbar.
- To disable it, open options.txt and change heldItemTooltips to false.
- Added a notice/warning for users still playing on PowerPCs or Java 5 (Java 1.5).

New options:
- Added an option to toggle touchscreen in-game.

NBT code:
- The blast radius of fireballs a specific Ghast shoots can be customized with an editor.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed mouse wrongly positioned in fullscreen.
- Fixed mobs walking slowly when you hit them.
- Fixed server/client desync of chests.
- Fixed flame effect on arrows when fired into a pressure plate and player immediately engages flight mode.
- Fixed zombies which sometimes stop attacking.
- Fixed the inability to remove partial XP bars from the "xp -1L" command when you're between level 0 and 1.
- Fixed arrows shot at Endermen disappearing.
- Fixed a bug with custom mob spawners not spawning different types of entities correctly.
- Fixed animals appearing to walk through fences in SP.
- Fixed some items with multi-layer textures rendering both layers separately when on the ground.
- Fixed tools differing only in damage not being able to be swapped in the inventory.
- Fixed some Z-Fighting with the beacon.
- Fixed some graphical issues in the trading GUI.
- Fixed /say not showing the text in the original purple color.
- Fixed placing double slabs ignoring damage value.
- Fixed minecarts being unable to travel through Nether portals.
- Fixed lightning not flashing.
- Fixed the Nether and the End generating random client-side blocks in MP.
- Fixed FallingSand spawners failing to save properly and causing crashes.
- Fixed the blocks in lowest layer of the map not being recognized by beacons.
- Fixed enchantments not showing in Item Frames, but fixed only in fancy graphics mode.
- Fixed 1-9 clicking an item out of a furnace not giving XP.
- Fixed mobs reverting farmland to dirt when mob griefing gamerule is set to false.
- Fixed setting an Enderman on fire with lava or flint and steel not making it teleport away.
- Fixed animals on fire not fleeing.
- Fixed boats being placed in the wrong direction.
- Fixed Endermen not being able to dodge flaming arrows.
- Fixed the game auto-selecting the first item on the toolbar when entering the Nether.
- Fixed leaves having the incorrect tooltip.
- Fixed drowning in creative mode.
- Fixed the /enchant command not enchanting with ID 0 (Protection).
- Fixed not hearing the XP sound every 5 levels.
- Fixed minecarts and falling entities jittering.
- Fixed passive mob spawn eggs not being consumed.
- Fixed Endermen not opening their mouths when being attacked by other mobs.
- Fixed F3+B hitboxes rendering invisibility potions.
- Fixed the Wither sometimes destroying its own star.