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BeefCraft is a Minecraft community that's about playing and learning. We run a towny/economy server which is available 24/7 and a YouTube channel where we post tutorials and news (currently being integrated with this site).

What makes us different than most servers is that we care more about having quality players on than being full. If you want to be part of a community, then feel free to join us:

If you want to get informed on what's happening in the real life world of Minecraft, head over to our news section.

You can also check out some of our handy tutorials.

What we are working on:
- Adding a subway for fast transit within the server (in progress).
- Adding and tweaking ranks/permissions (in progress).
- Adding our YouTube tutorials to the tutorials section.
- Adding more of our photos and videos from Minecon.
- Adding ability to sign up and have a profile on the website.
- Adding a forum to the website.

Follow the city of wellington from its inception to now

Our world was started in May of 2010 by Badtouch3 and Chancellormusic. The original computer hosting the server was a Dell PowerEdge with a single core Pentium 4 processor.


In September of 2011 Minecraft received some major biome updates, so we created a new world. At this time Wellington Island became the center of Wellington City.


A few more people join the city and the evil sponge containing the last known remnants of the dark lord, Ice Florentine, are found on November 22nd, 2011.


A closer look at the sponge's original resting place, which is thought to of been within an ancient bathtub.


The sponge containment facility is constructed under Wellington Grand Central Station in November of 2012.


This is what Wellington Isle looks like today.