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05:17am EST - The server is now back online. If you experience any wierdness, please send me an e-mail at Thank you for your patience guys.

07:02pm EST - The server is currently down for maintenance. We will be back online at approximately 7:30pm EST. Thank you for your patience.

08:02pm EST - Our DNS provider,, has been experiencing some downtime which caused the server to go offline. The problem has been fixed and we are back online now.


February 23 BadTouch3
February 23 BadTouch3

UHC Tournament

February 23, 2014

Tonight at 8:00pm Eastern time we will be holding an Ultra Hardcore tournament (UHC). If you are unframiliar with UHC you can read more here and here.

The tournament will be held on a separate server with the address

January 31 BadTouch3
January 31 BadTouch3

New Subway System Under Construction

February 05, 2014

The global subway system is currently in its "beta" phase. What this means is that we have dug out and laid track for most of the tunnels that will be in use as of January 2014. Anyone can currently ride and/or connect to the system.

The subway will allow players to travel at a 10:1 (overworld:subway) ratio, which will make commuting between towns significantly faster.

What do we still plan to do?
- A couple of tunnels still need some track.
- The intersections need stops so passengers can get out or change direction.
- Misc aesthetic changes.

How do you connect to the system?
- To connect to the subway system you will have to be a Mayor.
- Currently only one connection per town is allowed.
- You can have a vertical or horizontal portal.
- First you need to pick a spot for your portal to connect.
- You then need to give either BadTouch3 or RoscoeTheViking the coordinates of your portal and it will be set up for you.

Minecraft 1.7
November 5 BadTouch3
November 5 BadTouch3

Planned Server Down Time

November 05, 2013

The server will be down for 24 hours, starting at around 3:00pm today, while we move it to a new location.

UPDATE: the server is now back up. We apologize for the longer than anticipated outage. The infrastructure in our area needed some repair in order for us to get connected. The issue has been fixed and we plan to be online 24/7 again.

If you experience any network related issues, please contact us at

September 21 BadTouch3
September 21 BadTouch3

Server Updated to 1.6.4

September 21, 2013

Minecraft 1.6.4 addresses bugs, and also fixes an issue which prevented Minecraft world saves from retaining the randomly-generated structures found on players' worlds. To play on the server, update your minecraft version in the launcher.

September 10 BadTouch3
September 10 BadTouch3

Our first server update

September 10, 2013

Welcome to the new server bulletin. All updates and information pertaining to BeefCraft will now go here. You can still find articles on everything else pertaining to Minecraft in the news section.

Okay, so what's new then?

Lately we've added a new region to the overworld for public transit routes, gained a few new members, made some changes to the economy, built a new general store, assigned new roles to the admins, and we're planning to move to a new overworld when 1.7 is released.

Public Transit
The new public transit routes are marked on the map by the Minecart symbol and are colored black/white. All of these routes belong to the City of Wellington, but some also grant special permissions to the original builder(s). This means that if you build a transit route and donate it for public use you will retain creative input and not be taxed to protect it with permissions.

New Members
Welcome Bunnyinatree, Frankissoawesome, and Meritsusa!

Economic Changes
We've changed the flow of taxes so that they are deposted into the Wellington bank account instead of evaporating, the prices of goods sold at the general store have changed, and the following towny prices have changed:
New Town:10g
New Nation:20g
Claim Townblock:10g
Claim Outpost:20g

New General Store
The new general store is located on the northwest side of wellington island, near the library. Minerals are located on the second floor and everything else is on the first floor.

New Admin Roles
The admins now have two classes. The first class is the creative admin, which oversees in game activites. The second class is the technical admin, which takes care of server maintenance, backups, etc.

Server Move
Mojang is planning on doubling the amount of biomes and completely reprogramming biome generation for 1.7. With this in mind we have decided to move our current towns over to a newly generated map once the update is released. Currently there is no release date for 1.7, so we don't anticipate that this will happen until later this year. More will be posted as update news is released.